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NUMS Solution

NUMS is a number management solution. It is one of the most attractive solutions for Telecommunication Regulation Authorities responsible for managing number resources and frequencies. NUMS is a tool, which looks after your routines and turns your operations into the most effective and fully automated business processes. NUMS lets you simplify your everyday tasks and make them more cost effective. 

Efficient management of numbering resources performed “manually” requires much effort from Regulation Authorities and Operators and does not protect against errors and decreasing efficiency of numbering resources management. As a solution based on the Numlex core, NUMS brings new and more powerful features, which make it possible to increase the effectiveness of the tasks by automating most of them. 

With NUMS, Regulation Authorities gain a clear understanding of the numbering resource in the country. NUMS helps to ensure enough reserves of numbering resources for future requests from operators. It will let you maintain the rate of usage of phone numbers at the level prescribed by national law. Regulation Authorities will always have accurate and up-to-date information about numbering resources, from one single source. 

NUMS provides functions for numbering resource management with minimal user intervention. NUMS makes it possible to receive different kinds of reports just by simply pressing a button or to schedule the delivery by one of the allowed methods. Different functions of monitoring and allocating resources. Rapid and simple information updating. Centralized and understandable processes. The system can be integrated with other databases, such as the central database of number portability. Small and large operators can use the system.

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