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NPCDB solution

One of the most advanced and flexible products for Number Portability clearinghouse and central database management on the market. We bring to the customer our experience of more than 5 years of successful implementations around the world and a clear understanding of national specifics. The NPCDB platform, called NUMLEX, was developed by people who had previously worked on the operator side. We know how to make it really work for operators. NUMLEX is implemented in Moldova, Russia, El Salvador, Senegal, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Tunisia and Georgia. 

NUMLEX as a multi-language and modular platform is under permanent development. More and more functionality is available for our growing community of operators. Our many professionals enable us to create a stronger product with the functionality they really need. NUMLEX supports long-term porting processes as well as real-time. This NPCDB is very scalable and can manage a huge amount of data for big countries as well as solutions for small countries. NUMLEX is ready to deal with heavy request loads. We are the first to provide a porting planning solution. No-one porting will be left unserved due to load or failure on the operator side. We will look after this and the load between operators will be managed smoothly allowing all porting to be completed in time and in a way acceptable for all sides. 

We are thinking about the future. NUMLEX as a product lives under permanent development and in most cases is backward compatible. We are always supporting our customers in getting new features, which allow the implementation to be kept up to date.

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The team has over 5 years’ experience of international project implementation and management. We have implemented over 10 high budget international projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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